Case Study

Thames RIB Experiencethames rib experience booking system are probably the largest RIB operator in the UK, with over £2 million worth of bookings and 6 boats they operate all year round. Their growth has been rapid since 2008 when we first wrote a custom booking reservation system for them. It was obvious that with over 100,000 bookings on the old system and advancement in new technology the system needed a complete overhaul, in fact it was never overhauled, a brand new system was written by us

With such rapid growth comes more staff and a huge increase in bookings and requirements, the new 2016 needed more functions...

The old system was totally re-written. New sql drivers, new modules, snap in snap out functions, enhanced graphics and reports, more fluency from page to page..and more

Of importance for any business is cash flow, we wrote this system with no upfront costs, and no payment in advance, this allowed Thames RIB to move forward gradually into the new version without affecting everyday costs.

The new system now has API functions for ticket sellers to sell directly from the site saving the staff many hours every day..

Communication is extremely important for all business's especially within the leisure tour industry, therefore the ability to have ticket sellers buying directly from you quickly, is of the most importance.

Companies like Thames RIB have the opportunity to have powerful yet easy to use custom booking systems to their exact requirements for no outlay. Customers are presented with a bespoke booking system to evaluate, even then payment is not required, we simply take a small % of each booking meaning we only get paid when you get paid.

We offer a no obligation visit or demo for any business worldwide.

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